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Italian Design.

“Design Driven Innovation” is a working practice aimed at enhancing problem solving and creativity; this methodology involves both the R&D department and the whole organization in order to find innovative and alternative solutions that will improve business operations in the medium-long term.

Product Engineering.

Our activities concern: which product to manufacture, where to manufacture, which materials to use, the possibility to use alternative green materials, the redefinition of the customer experience, how to treat the product at the end of its life cycle etc. That’s how we manage to create Italian-design products, evolve existing ones and develop high-value and high-impact applications.

Design for Manufacturing. 

In twenty years, AV Consulting has created a group of manufacturing partners and developed its expertise in PROTOTYPING - Additive manufacturing and Plastic - and PRODUCTION with different technologies: thermoforming, CNC, composites, injection moulding, poliurethane. Our partners ensure that ideas take form and substance and are developed into successful products starting from feasibility analysis to technical and economic evaluation through to speedy prototyping and production.


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