Ariston Galileo Evolution
Case Study
General Analysis and First Conclusions
As regards the design, the project “Galileo” started with an advanced and innovative research in order to refine the aesthetic details of the entire range of products, destined to be valued over time. The aim of this methodology was to create objective designs, not based exclusively on the creative mind of the designer.  That's why we have been entrusted with the restyling of Ariston's boilers, called Evolution.
Concept Design
The concept creation was based on the scientific conclusions descending from the previous analysis. Usually some proposals are made, from the simplest and cheapest to the most innovative (in terms of aesthetics and functionality).
Design Refiniment
The most suitable proposal is chosen together with the customer; here comes the phase of design refinement, when all the aesthetic, construction, functional and ergonomic features are analysed. After that, designers will engineer the product basing themselves on the previous analysis.
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